4 SENTRY ALARM MINES .22 Cal trip wire alarms MULTICAM PREPPER PACK Property Perimeter Secutiry Henry Krank Style Mini-Sentry Airsoft Paintball Claymore

Product Features

  • Safe to use
  • .22 Cal Blanks available at any Hardware Store or Amazon.com
  • 100% Steel Construction made in the U.S.A.
  • As seen on American Restoration with David Copperfield
  • Featured in Guns America "Prepping 101"
Old Price: $84.99
(as of 02:43 UTC - More info)

Product Description

This Prepper Pack comes in Multicam, Tiger Stripe, Woodland, and Desert Patterns. For a video demonstration search youtube for: “Sentry Alarm Mine”. Sentry Alarm Mines by No.26 Forge are SAFE and AFFORDABLE to use. They work like a Ramset concrete nail gun but WILL NOT AND CANNOT FIRE LIVE AMMUNITION. When tripped, they produce a frightening “BANG”. 12 lb. to 15 lb. mono-filament fishing line is recommended since it will trip the alarm and break off at the knot with increased tension. Ground mount AND wall mount features make this the #1 alarm mine available anywhere. NOBODY’S GOING TO SNEEK UP ON YOU WITH A SENTRY ALARM MINE ON DUTY!

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