Blisstime Beekeeping Tool Kit Set of 6 Bee Hive Smoker,Bee Brsuh Beekeeping Accessory -Bee Keeping Tool

Product Features

  • 1 pc-UNCAPPING FORK TOOL, 1 pc-Bee Hive Frame Grip
  • 1 pc-Synthetic Bee Hive Brush
  • 1 pc- Bee Hive Tools, 1 pc-Mini Beekeeping Entrance Feeder
  • 1 pc-Bee Hive Smoker Stainless Steel - Small
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Product Description

Bee hive smoker:New redesigned beehive smoker with wider and durable botton made from stainless steel.
The brush is used to separate bees from their honey frames. After removing the frame, you give it a quick shake to dislodge most of the bees, then brush the excess off the honey comb using the bee brush.
Use this tool instead of your finger tips,Grasps onto the top bar of a frame making pulling frame from your beehive a breeze.
The feeder can quickly and easily be refilled without disturbing your colony!

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