Foraging: Everything You Need To Know On Foraging Wild Edible Plants And How To Find Medicinal Herbs To Harvest (Foraging Wild Edible Plants Series) (Foraging, … Herbs, Medicinal Plants, Natural Remedies,)

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    Everything You Need To Know On Foraging Wild Edible Plants And How To Find Medicinal Herbs To Harvest! With Pictures!

    Knowing how to forage for wild edible plants and herbs is a great skill for anyone to have. Whether you do this for fun or as a reaction to the grim state of the economy, it all depends on you.

    Now that the demand for food has increased due to the sudden boost in population growth, this new activity and past time has enticed people even more. People have found that they can save money if they look for their food rather than to go buy it. The skill and knowledge to hunt for wild edibles has become a great addition to the necessary skills to help alleviate the demand for food.

    “Foraging” will provide you with steps and tips that you can use in scrounging for wild edibles. With this book, you will not only learn about the basics but also some of the best ways on how to become effective in looking for wild plants that you can eat.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Foraging – Introduction to Foraging and Wild Edible Plants
    • Foraging – Things to Consider when You’re Starting out Foraging
    • Foraging – Commonly Foraged Weeds to Learn
    • Foraging – Commonly Foraged Tubers and Roots to Learn
    • Foraging – Commonly Foraged Mushrooms to Learn
    • Foraging – Tips and Tricks for Your Foraging Future
    • Foraging – How to Boost Your Foraging Knowledge
    • Much, much more!

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    If you’re new to foraging and need a step-by-step guide to hold you by the hand then download this book now!

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