Korean Military MRE Bibimbap Spicy Beef Rice Food 120g/3pack

Product Features

  • Emergency, combat ration, good for outdoor leisure activities like survival game, fishing, climbing, camping etc
  • Content : Dried Beef, Vegetable & Red pepper paste (Gochujang flavor)
  • Time to ready : 10 minutes after putting boiling water into the pack. / Cool water 30 minutes
  • Origin : Made in Korea ( South Korea)
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Product Description

– How to use: 1) Open the pack. 2) Put enough hot water or cold water till line indication. 3) Close the pack again. 4)After about 10 minutes (in the case of cold water, after 30 minutes), put sauce (spice) of proper amount and mix. 5) Enjoy your meal. – NOTE: When you put “Red pepper paste sauce”, adjust according to your taste. Because some people can feel that Korean red pepper sauce is strong and pungent.

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