Military Russian Army Food Ration Daily Pack Mre Emergency Rations 2017-2018

Product Features

  • The use of the Russian army
  • The composition of only natural ingredients of food (composition of the diet may have slight differences)
  • 4541 kcal
  • 2.1 kg
  • Individual nutrition
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Old Price: $50.00
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Product Description

This ration is considered one of the best in the world. Fully-active diet provides food requirement of an adult during the day (24 hours) Weight of the pack 2.1 kg. Contains 4000 Kcal Targeted at three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). In its composition further comprises other than products match wind-resistant moisture, paper napkins anddisinfectants, vitamins, burner, spoon and knife (plastic), tablet for water disinfection Structure*: 1. Small loafs 1 grades of 100 g, army from wheat flour 2. Small loafs wallpaper 100 g, army from flour, or bread of tinned 170 g 3. Canned food meat 250 g 4. Fat salted pork fat of salty tinned 100 g 5. Paste of hepatic 50 g 6. Paste of gentle 50 g 7. Canned food meat and cereal 250 g 8. Canned food myasoovoshchny 250 g 9. Canned food vegetable snack 100 g 10. Fruit and berry concentrate of 75 g 11. The processed cheese sterilized 80 g 12. Jam of fruit 45 g 13. Puree from fruit and berries of natural 100 g 14. Chocolate of bitter 30 g 15. Tea of black long leaf 4 g 16. Coffee of soluble 2 g 17. Cream dry 2 g 18. Sugar of 60 g 19. Salt of 5 g 20. Pepper of 1 g 21. Polyvitamin of 1 piece. 22. Chewing gum of 10 g 23. A tablet for disinfection of water of 3 pieces 24. Razogrevatel portable set 25. Matches water wind-resistant 6 pieces. 26. The napkins disinfecting for hands of 3 pieces 27. Napkins paper 3 pieces. 28. Spoon of plastic 3 pieces. 29. Knife of plastic 1 piece. * some elements of the list can be replaced on similar without prior notice. Depending on a factory complete set replacement of matches and dry by additional canned food is possible. Packings are soldered by vacuum. packaging and weight can also significantly different (but only for the better !!!)

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