Russian Military MRE Army Food Ration Daily Pack Emergency Rations Combat (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Surplus (1 Day Food Ration Pack)! Great for Christmas Gift, Fishing, Hunting!!!

Product Features

  • Fully-active diet provides food requirement of an adult during the day (24 hours) Weight of the pack about 1.7 kg. Contains 3570 Kcal Targeted at three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). In its composition further comprises other than products match wind-resistant moisture, paper napkins anddisinfectants, vitamins, burner, spoon and knife (plastic), tablet for water disinfection. Expiration date: in 2018 year!!!
  • Rations balanced in nutrients, fats, proteins and carbohydrates, it ensures saturation and normal health. Each dish is enclosed in individual packaging, reliably protect food from moisture and dirt. The cans are opened easily without using a special knife.
  • High energy value, does not contain perishable products, does not cause allergic reactions, and eating disorders. Included officer ration ingredients require no additional preparation and may be used in both hot and cold. Menu is for three meals. Dry rations not include water and other drinks, tea and coffee are presented in dry form.
  • A lot of food and it is very tasty (at this moment, this ration is considered one of the best in the world)!!!
  • The ration also includes spices, multivitamins, matches, disposable utensils, hygiene items and portable heater.
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Product Description

Since the turn of Milennium Russia issues the Individual Food Rations (Individual’nyi Ratsion Pitaniya (IRP), a new self-contained ration, containing the whole daily food intake for an individual soldier in the field. Russian Ministry of defence doesn’t strictly prescribe the contents of the ration, only some basic packaging and inventory requirements, so every producer issues their own version. Most commonly it is packaged into a sturdy plastic blister box (nicknamed “The Frog” in the field for its olive-green color), or plastic-sealed cardboard box that contains five to six entrees in laminated foil cans or retort pouches, four to six pack of crackers or preserved bread, two to three dessert items in form of a spread or fruit bar, four beverage concentrate pouches, some seasonings (salt, pepper, sugar, catchup), and various sundry items like satitizing wipes/paper towels, spoons, can opener, four hexamine fuel tablets, folding heater, matches and water purifier tablets. The types of entrees vary with the producer and the issued menu (of which there are usually 7 to 12), but the common set is based on a traditional Russian outdoorsmen fare, and usually includes 1 portion of stewed beef or pork, two meat-with-vegetables dishes, like various porridges, stews or canned fish, and one or two spreads, such as liver pate, sausage stuffing or processed cheese. Desserts may include fruit jams, chocolate and/or walnut spreads, chocolate bars, sweetened condensed milk, etc., but baked goods are usually avoided out of concerns about their shelf life. MADE IN RUSSIA!!!

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