Survival Backpack for Disaster Preparedness

Product Features

  • Durable backpack filled with preparedness essentials including food & water with a 5-year shelf life
  • Roomy bag so you can add extra clothing and supplies
  • includes radio, small dynamo flashlight, first aid package with essential wraps
  • Also leather gloves, mask, goggles, bio-bag, water purification tablets
  • Inexpensive to buy one for each family member, car or employee
New Price: $46.29
Old Price: $69.95
You Save: $23.66
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Product Description

First Aid Global’s experience in Earthquake Country produced this popular Emergency Preparedness Survival Backpack. More than 10,000 sold! Extra roomy bag so you can throw in tennis shoes, sweat pants, and additional items you see fit. Buy one for each family member, each car, every employee.

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