Survival Kit- “Get Back” Survival Kit With Fire Starter Kit and Emergency Mylar Blanket By Aspen Ridge

Product Features

  • - Essential Tools Needed In An Emegency Survival Kit
  • - 10 Must Have Survival Gear Items For Survival In An Emergency
  • - Compact Water tight Enclosure Small Enought To Fit In Your Camping Gear, Car, Back Pack, RV or drawer
  • - Temporary Shelter and fire making equipment to help you survive
  • - Works or Your Money Back
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Product Description

Millions of people leave their house everyday without being prepared.
Don’t be one of them.

Are you prepared to survive in an Emergency Situation? What happens if your car slides off the road in bad weather? What if you are caught in bad weather while hiking? camping? hunting?

“Get Back” Survival Kit includes;

Shelter– Mylar Emergency Blanket measuring 82 X 63 inches

★ Large Orange Whistle with a compass, includes a waterproof match compartment

★ Candle included in kit

★ Pocket Knife includes a blade, can opener, small scissors,file, flat heap and Phillips screwdriver and a corkscrew in case your stranded with a bottle of wine in the woods.

★ Fire starter with both a three inch ferro and magnesium rod combined, Three inch Rod gives you a nice sized area to strike the rod and build a bright spark. The magnesium rod is a back-up fire building source which can be wet and still start a fire.

★ 24 inch Emergency wire saw used to cut firewood or build a shelter. Word of caution, wire saws are really only an emergency saw and can jam while sawing, you will need to pull the saw out of the cut and start sawing again.

★ Emergency Fishing kit; includes over 15 ft of fishing line, three hooks and a lure.

★ Razor blade for a sharp blade to cut items or first aid.

★ Pencil to leave messages or instructions for rescuers.

★ ear plugs used for sleeping aids

All these essential tools are in the “Get Back” Survival Kit by Aspen Ridge Sports. Great addtion for your car, your backpack, Rv or just to have around the house.

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