Survival Preparedness 72 Hour Bugout Bag with a FOX Tactical Field Operator’s Action Pack, includes SOL Hybrid 3, MREs Star, SOS Food Lab 2400 Food Bars and Drinking Water Packets, Coghlan’s Survival Candle, Coghlan’s Storm (wind and water proof) matches, Coghlan’s waterproof matches, magnesium fire starter with striker, Gladding Paracord & More. Great for Load Out Combat TEOTWAWKI War Tactical Assault Operator Field Ops Strike Ops Camping Outdoors Hiking Hunting WTSHTF 2012 Zombie Apocalypse Zombies 72 Hour Hr Survival Bag Kit Bugout Bug Out Emergency Food Water Doomsday Preppers Survivalist Survivor Ready Militaria Weather Disasters Tornado Hurricane Earthquake Storms Preparedness Military Storage Case Family Surplus Off Grid Jump Bag Supply Supplies Gear Bulk Storage Bunker Container Stockpile Stockpiling Safety Security Emergencies Team Pack Backpack Kit

Product Features

  • FOX Tactical Field Operator's Action Pack (Black)
  • MRE Star MREs w/ flameless heaters, SOS Food Lab 2400 Calories Bars and Drinking Water Packet
  • Gladding 7 strand 550# Paracord (Black)
  • American Medical Kits SOL Hybrid 3 - First Aid and Survival Gear
  • Coghlan's wind / waterproof storm matches, 36 hour survival candle & waterproof matches
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Product Description

Survival Preparedness Bag with a FOX Tactical Field Operator’s Action Pack has you covered for 72 hours with food, water, warmth, first-aid and safety. The Survival Preparedness bag includes: BAG-FOX Tactical Field Operator’s Action Pack (Black) constructed of rugged tactical polyester, three compartment configuration with large bottom pocket and two side pockets, padded & ventilated back panel with zippered side-entry suitable for a laptop computer, modular attachment points, electronic-zippered accessory pocket, padded & adjustable shoulder straps, padded & removable kidney belt; molded top carry handle & 2 side web handles, size: 22″ x 16″ x 9″. FOOD/WATER: Two 2400 Calorie Food Bar Packets by SOS Food Lab-Made in USA/U.S. Coast Guard Approved, packet contains six fortified bars (400 calories each); Two MREs ready to eat meals by MRE Star w/ flameless heaters-Made in USA; Eighteen 4.22 oz drinking water packets by SOS Food Lab-Made in USA/U.S. Coast Guard Approved. SURVIVAL & FIRST AID KIT: Adventure Medical Kits SOL Hybrid 3-covers all the bases of outdoor safety: medical supplies, survival tools, and gear repair items ensure that you and your equipment make it back in one piece. PARACORD-100 feet of Gladding #550 paracord-Black-contains 7 removable inner strands, is made in the USA, is ultra-strong & will not rot. Gladding is one of the suppliers of the U.S. Department of Defense. SHELTER/WARMTH/FIRE: One two-person Tube Tent; One Emergency Poncho; One Emergency Blanket; One Coghlan’s 36-Hour Survival Candle w/ matches; One package Coghlan’s Wind/Waterproof Storm Matches; Two packages Coghlan’s Waterproof Matches; One Magnesium Fire Starter with Striker; SANITATION/HYGIENE: Three (3) N95 Particulate Respirator Mask; One toothbrush & toothpaste; One toilet paper; one package tissue; One package Shower-in-a-Bag (8 cloths); Six wet naps. We reserve the right to add or substitute items of equal or greater value.

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