Survival: Prepping for Off Grid Survival. After the First 72 Hours! (Off Grid Prepping Book 1)

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    Prepping for Off Grid Survival

    Life is unpredictable. People are too comfortable with having all of their needs and comforts met while the harsh reality is that any number of events could trigger societal chaos and turn groups of people into deadly killing machines. In some cases, it can get so bad that the infrastructure we have become accustomed to breaks down and forces us to fight for survival and live off the grid.

    Only a Prepper has a shot at Off Grid Survival

    No power, plumbing, or law enforcement. You will have to fend for yourself. However, there are techniques you can adopt now to prepare yourself, making life off grid much less intimidating. These off grid techniques include careful planning, building a complete stockpile, and learning skills that will be important when SHTF. Become a prepper.

    Prepping and Planning

    Without planning for off grid survival, you will have no context for your supply list or prepping actions. Organize beforehand by finding space for your stockpile, building relationships with other preppers and people you can rely on when SHTF, prep and educate yourself about potential triggers for SHTF scenarios, like economic collapse or disease. When building your stockpile, focus on the essentials, but also leave room for bartering items that may seem unnecessary. The general categories for your stockpile are food and water, medical, protection, weapons, and luxuries.

    Prepping for Emergencies

    During an emergency situation, bugging out may become your best option. Packing a complete bug-out bag, having a set route and destination, and knowing it is safe to leave are all crucial parts of a successful bugout.

    Off Grid Survival Skills in a SHTF scenario

    The last section of this book elaborates on SHTF relevant skills like bartering, hunting, medical knowledge, farming, and wilderness survival. Skills are arguably more important than a stockpile and the most important weapon of any prepper or survivalist – at least in the long-term – because they lead to production. In combination with a stockpile, learning new skills and always thinking ahead will help you survive and thrive when SHTF.

    Being a Prepper and Survivalist in everyday scenarios

    Not every crisis will result in the end of the world and not every economic downturn will result in societal collapse. However, having a prepper stockpile and being prepped with knowledge and skills will help you survive in more likely scenarios as well. Picture yourself in a more severe Hurricane or on a camping trip gone bad. There are hundreds of situations where your survival will depend on your preparedness and your overall prepping skills.

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