XM50 Joint Service General Purpose Mask (JSGPM)

Product Features

  • Standard electrical pass-through offering connectivity with communications systems via an internal microphone.
  • Chlorobutyl rubber and silicone blend gives the mask a high degree of flexibility and comfort for extended use.
  • Excellent demisting qualities and re breathed air reduced due to superior internal air flow management system.
  • Secondary filter provides enhanced protection against a wider range of toxic industrial chemicals (TICs).
  • Certified to NIOSH CBRN, CE and NATO requirements.
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Product Description

The XM50 Joint Service General Purpose Mask (JSGPM) incorporates some very advanced technologies including reduced breathing resistance (estimated at 50%), improved vision, and greater comfort. The XM50 JSGPM incorporate the most advanced filters currently available on any mask. It is the next-generation mask for all U.S. joint service ground forces. The Department of Defense has begun to issue the M50 Joint Service General Purpose Mask. In addition to becoming the standard for all the Service Branches, the masks are meant to be an improvement over the older M40 M45 and MSA/MCU Protective Masks.

The most striking features of the M50 are the wide single visor and the slim twin filters. The wide visor offers superior field of vision over traditional respirators, enhancing greatly the compatibility with weapons and sights. The M50 twin filter conformal system has set a new standard in filter design. Sitting close against the face, they provide the operational user with high protection and very low breathing resistance, also distributing the weight better so making the mask much more comfortable to wear. Due to a self seal valve, filters can be changed without the need to hold your breath and so the contamination risk is greatly reduced.

CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) full facemask specifically designed to meet the latest NATO military mask requirements. The new M50 Joint Services General Purpose Mask (JSPGPM), which is the mask of choice and will be used by all branches of the U.S. Military. Offering up to 24 hours of protection, the mask improves mission performance in situations involving hazardous materials such as chemical warfare agents, radioactive dust, biological threats and a wide range of toxic industrial chemicals.

Included: Mask, Filters, Carry Bag, Clear Ballistic Lens

Options: Protective Hood, Smoke Lens, Amber Lens , Green Laser Lens

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